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Divya Steel Industries is leading manufacturer and supplier who have received an ISO certification. They give a definitive comfort to their customers by creating excellent Stainless Steel Forged Fittings which are offered at sensible and competitive costs. Stainless Steel is a consumption safe steel combination which has various evaluations and surface finishes. Stainless steel Forged fittings are characterized as a basic part utilized in pipe fittings.

There are different application and industries that utilizes these channel fittings, for example, chemical industry, oil and gas industry, food preparing industry, water transportation and some more. We are delivering SS fittings utilizing great raw materials. SS fittings are offered in the assortment of shapes reducer, cross twists, elbow, tee, areolas or custom shapes according to the client request. The total scope of SS manufactured fittings is accessible here regard to set mechanical standards. Stainless steel grade is completely austenitic in nature gives great ascribes to mechanical fitting applications.

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